I simply cannot believe that this is the 6th week of school! Time moves quickly.

There were several papers sent home today.

These were sent with the youngest and only children:

  1. October Lunch Menu
  2. Mother’s Club Flocks
  3. Birthday Gram
  4. Mother’s Club info

This was sent to all Students:

  1. School Picture Order Form


Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all are enjoying the long holiday weekend. Let’s remember to give thanks to those who helped to make this day a National Holiday!

Tomorrow E-Learning begins for St. Juliana students that are participating. Please remember to check your SJS gmail account and Google Classroom and accept your teachers’ invitation to their class. Once in Google Classroom, students will have access to the Zoom link for classes.

Social Studies classes meet as follows (Please remember to be on time!)

6th Grade7th Grade8th Grade
Monday1:15 PM9:00 AM10:25 AM
Tuesday1:15 PM8:15 AM10:30 AM
Wednesday1:15 PM8:15 AM9:45 AM
Thursday1:15 PM8:15 AM10:30 AM

Remember that all assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Assignments will be posted on Friday too, however , there will not typically be Zoom meetings on these days.


It’s September 1st!

Today all students should have received a copy of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy 2020-2021

These should be reviewed at home, signed by both student and parent, and returned to school tomorrow.

A second sheet was sent home with all youngest/only students regarding asbestos management in the building.

Finally, all students must have a set of headphones in school. There are times when students will be watching video on their individual devices. Please make sure students have these required school supplies.


Good Afternoon

Today we begin our journey into the 2020-21 school year. Many things are different, and some are the same.

Today we are sending home 2 or 3 forms(depending on if students are the youngest/only child). All families should receive at least one copy of the following:

  1. Purple Sheet. Titled: Urgent Message – this is regarding severe peanut/tree nut allergies. Sent with youngest/only children
  2. White Milk Order – please return to school no later than Monday, August 31
  3. Blue Sheet. This is a general permission slip to go on short outing around the block to get fresh air. Please return no later than Friday, August 28

All Junior High Students will be using Google Classroom for Social Studies. All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

All students need an assignment notebook. Assignment notebooks are available for $6 in the homeroom.

Any students who are remote learning should pick up their school materials from the office ASAP. A document detailing remote learning expectations will be sent home soon.


This is it – the end of the line – end of the year.

What a long strange trip it’s been.

So, I want to tell everyone, I know that this has been NOT what anyone wanted, but alas, it’s the hand we’ve been dealt.

I hope that you all have a great summer. I hope you can do the tings you want to – and be safe!

Today is final pick-up. As a reminder, here are the guidelines that have been established for all of our safety.

Student report card pickup, supply pickup, and textbook return will be held at school on Friday,
June 5th according to the schedule below. To ensure the safety of our students and staff,
student belongings will be packed in advance by staff, and a bag with each child’s belongings
will be prepared for the student or parent to pick up at their designated time. Students and
staff will not be allowed to enter classrooms; all items will be available for pickup in the
hallways along the first floor. Different spaces will be used for each grade level; please view the
Enter and Exit locations listed below for your grade level.
While at school on June 5th, please follow these guidelines:
• Enter at the door and time designated below based on your grade level and last name.
• Students may enter school by themselves or accompanied by one parent/guardian.
Additional siblings or guests may not accompany the student in the school building.
• A teacher or staff member will check you in, show you where to return textbooks and
any other property of the school (library books, borrowed technology, etc.), and show
you where to pick up your personal belongings.
• Please exit through the designated door; do not linger at school or visit with other
families at this time.
• Face coverings must be worn by parents, students, and staff while inside the school
• Please practice social distancing throughout your visit to school.
• Parents/students may pick up their own belongings only; families will not be allowed to
pick up belongings for another family.
Last Names A-F: Friday, June 5th, 9am-10am
Last Names G-L: Friday, June 5th, 10am-11am
Last Names M-R: Friday, June 5th, 11am-12pm
Last Names S-Z: Friday, June 5th, 1pm-2pm
**If you have multiple children, please pick up for one child at a time, exiting the building and
re-entering through the proper door for each child. These procedures, while taking a few extra
minutes, ensure the continued health and safety of our community.

Items to return:
6th: Social Studies, Religion, and Math books
7th: Social Studies, Religion, Math, and Science books; Illinois handbook
Enter: Door #3 (parking lot door)
Pickup location: Bags labeled with each child’s name will be along the junior high hallway
Dropoff location: 3 tables along junior high hallway (1 per grade)
Exit: Door #4 (door by Mrs. Lidgus’s room)

Any items not picked up with be safely stored for pickup in the fall. Any items found in
classrooms but not labeled with a child’s name will be added to the Lost & Found, which will be
available to families once the school building reopens.


Day 58

Back to the Museum Campus today! Three field trips in a row! Mr. Monahan has lost his mind! What type of spell must he be under?

So yeah, today we’re going to the John G. Shedd Aquarium. Since we can’t really go to there, we’ll do it virtually. Make sure you are on your best behavior, since Mayor Lightfoot is again leading our tour!

Links to the bus are in Google Classroom – make sure you pack a lunch!


Day 57

Yesterday we visited the Field Museum and had a great tour.

Today we will visit Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. What’s interesting about this trip is that it is a location that I have long wished to be able to take an actual field trip to. I’ve personally visited this site multiple times, and feel that this would make for a great learning experience.

Links to the trip are in Google Classroom – as well as links to our final ZOOM meetings of this crazy school year.

7B – 10 am

7A – 10:30 am

6B – 11 am

6A – 11:30 am