Tuesday 11/17/2020

English-Lesson 22 Worksheet; Part 2 of Verb test on Friday

Math-finish factor turkeys if not done in class

Science-Study flashcards-Ch 2 test on Thursday

Reading-pg. 158 in packet, last day for AR tests is Thursday

S.S.-Unit 1 Lesson 3 Worksheet-need book; Quiz over lessons 1-3 on Thursday

**Reminder to bring in food and/or money for food drive and sharing program

A message from Mothers’ Club:

Since we are not able to bring back the Mothers’ Club hot lunch program right now, Mothers’ Club is providing a free large pizza to each SJS family.

A flyer w/coupon went our in your child’s folder yesterday (one per family) for the free pizza redeemable at Joe’s Pizza (a SJS family establishment).

We are asking that to help the restaurant and us track redemption please when ordering for pick up, present the actual coupon to the cashier upon paying. For delivery customers, since Joe’s has implemented a contactless delivery, please when you call to order, provide them with the coupon code printed on the voucher (upper left hand corner).

We appreciate your help to make this a success and we hope you enjoy your pizza!

Monday 11/16/2020

English-Lesson 21 worksheet; Test Verbs Part 2 on Friday

Science-get quiz signed and do corrections; Test over Ch 2 on Thursday

Reading-worksheets 157 & 157a

S.S.-2 worksheets; Study for quiz over lessons 1-3 on Thursday (use your study guide to study)

Religion-Ch 5 test tomorrow

**No I-Ready this week for Reading or Math

**Reminder this week we are collecting food for the Food Drive and money for the Parish Sharing Program

**Picture Re-Takes are on Wednesday 11/18

Wednesday 11/11/2020

English-Study for Unit 3 Vocab test tomorrow

Math-Study for Ch 3 Test tomorrow; 45 min I-Ready due Sunday

Science-Force & Motion Worksheet, quiz tomorrow study your flashcards

Reading-45 min I-Ready due Sunday

S.S-finish Veterans Day project if not done in class

**Reminder next week we are collecting non-perishable food donations (for food pantry) & money (for SJS Christmas Sharing Program)

Monday 11/9/2020

English-Lesson 20 Worksheet; Study Grammar Lessons 12-20 for test tomorrow (should bring book home to study); Unit 3 Vocab Test on Thursday

Math-pgs.177-178; 45 min I-Ready due Sunday

Science-Quiz on Thursday-study flashcards

Reading-Worksheet pgs. 149-150 (packet); 45 min I-Ready due Sunday

S.S.-Finding the Proof-Veterans Day Worksheet (need to color)

**A packet went home about a food drive we are having next week along with collecting money for the Christmas Sharing program