Math Tree & Remote Learning

I sent out emails to all of my students and their parents last week with their schedules and zoom links for remote learning that will begin January 4th. Please reach out to me if you did not receive the email or have any questions.

My 4th-8th graders worked together to build our “Math Tree”. Each piece is a filled with math problems from the different grades.

4th grade – Adding Fractions

5th grade – Multiplying Fractions

6th grade – Order of Operations

7th grade – Adding and Subtracting Integers

8th grade – Graphing Linear equations

Time for S’more Math

The 4th graders completed a fun project. They had to find the factors of different numbers. Each student had to choose a number and then find the factors that multiply to make that number. If you look closely ou can see their product in the fire and the factors written on their marshmallows.

Have wonderful, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving Break!

Week of November 16th

As we come to the end of the trimester, the students are working extra hard to finish strong.

4th grade – we are working on factors and multiples.

5th grade – we are working on division with double digits in the divisor.

6th grade – we are reviewing for their test on Friday.

7th grade – we are reviewing for their test on Tuesday and Wednesday, then previewing the next chapter.

8th grade – we are doing some test prep for the upcoming High School Test as well as working on slope and linear equations.

Week of October 5th


4th grade – Ms. Catalano’s group has a worksheet to complete for homework.

7th Grade – Mrs. Boldt’s Classs – Check Google Classroom & your email for the Zoom for our classes for Wednesday and Thursday.

8th grade – Ms. Arianas’ group – complete the worksheet and turn it in by Thursday morning if you want me to correct it and hand it back by Thursday afternoon. Then you can use it to help study for the Quiz on Friday.

What we’re working on:

4th grade – We have been practicing our multiplication facts, working on word problems, and subtracting multi-digit numbers.

5th grade – We have been working on exponents and the prime factorization of numbers.

6th grade – We are working on multiplying, dividing decimals, and converting fractions into decimals.

7th grade – We are working on adding and subtracting integers.

8th grade – We are working on the distributive property, adding like terms, and dividing integers with variables.


Good morning! Since I now have one homeroom that is quarantining and elearning, I wanted to let everyone know how your child’s math class with me will be handled.

If your child’s class ever needs to go to remote learning, then they will continue to see me via zoom at their scheduled time. I am adding all of my students to Google classroom. I will post a zoom link for classes there if needed, as well as email students’ SJS accounts. Hopefully, we won’t need to use this, but I just wanted to you to be aware of how I will be handling this type of situation. I hope everyone is well and continues to be safe.

Week of September 28th

Just wanted to let you know what I will be working on with your child this week.

4th Grade – Subtracting across place values and reviewing multiplication facts

5th Grade – Reviewing decimals and adding with decimals

6th Grade – Rounding, Estimating and Multiplying with decimals

7th Grade – Absolute value, adding, and subtracting integers

8th Grade – Operations with Integers – we’ll work on multi-step problems with integers

Math Intervention Letters

With the school year in full swing, letters have finally gone out to parents. If you received a letter recommending that your child receive extra help by attending Math Interventions please sign and return your letter as soon as possible. I will be passing out mini-schedules to each student so they will know when they will be coming to my classroom. I am excited to be able to start working with my math students again. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns at

I will be providing all of the materials that your child will be needing in my class. Your child will not need to bring anything with them unless told to do so ahead of time. I have individual pencil cases with supplies for each student as well as a notebook to keep notes. Your child can bring that notebook home to help them study or with their homework, but it must be returned to school the next day.

Please encourage your child to work on his/her i-Ready. This programĀ is an interactive online learning environment designed to assess students and provide individualized instruction based on each one’s unique needs.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a week of new adventures as we navigate through our new procedures. I’ve started visiting the classrooms of our younger students and administering some of our EasyCBM benchmarks.

If you’re not getting the Thursday Thoughts from the principal please e-mail the office.

Letters for Math Intervention Help will not be sent out until the week of Sept. 8th.