After receiving my Bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University, I spent time playing in several ensembles; and as a composer, I was asked to present my compositions at the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Convocation near Dublin, Ireland; in Warsaw, Poland and other locales.

Outside of St. Juliana, I’ve taught as a classroom music teacher at several other elementary and middle schools, and have also facilitated extra-curricular musical activities in schools and organizations throughout Chicagoland. I teach private instrument lessons through my own program called Whereabouts Music Labs, where the curriculum is focused on the unique interests and talents of the particular student. I currently teach guitar class, and run the Band of Stars programs at St. Juliana.

As a classroom music teacher and a life-long learner (as cheesy as that may sound), I see music as an interdisciplinary subject. Learning music for music’s sake, is vitally important, but I truly believe music education is best taught when interwoven with concepts from science, mathematics, social studies, and literature. One of my aims is to allow students to see the large extent to which music is embedded in the physical and cultural world – all the while, having lots of fun along the way, of course.