E-learners for 6th-8th: Always check Google Classroom for updates. There are a few e-learners who haven’t accepted the invite.


E-learners for 5th grade: In class, we have been talking about the fundamental parts of music, one of which is rhythm.

We have also been talking about the relationship between rhythm and language (the different syllables of words).

If quarter notes each have one beat, and we’re trying to make a 4 word sentence that goes with 4 quarter notes, we’d have each quarter note equal one syllable. For example:

“I like good food”

It goes with the rhythm because each word has one “sound” or syllable.

If two 8th notes go with a two syllable word (for example: “bet-ter,” or “ve-ry”), please come up with a grammatically correct sentence (something that makes sense), that goes with one quarter note, one quarter note, two 8th notes, and one quarter note. Please send this to my email. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Other e-learners: Please spend some time playing the musical training games at Theta Music Trainer.

Week of 9/13