I’m very excited to be back teaching another year of music, despite the less-than-ideal circumstances!

6th-8th Grade: Whether you’re an e-learner or coming to school in-person, you should have received an email invite to my Google Classroom (that is, if you’re currently enrolled in music). Going forward, everything you need to know about class will be posted in there.

E-learners of all other grades: please regularly check this blog for all music-related activities. I will make a blog post explaining what we did in class that particular week and offer instructions as to how to do it. Simply send an email to mmroz@stjuliana.org showing that you tried the activity. I will have something posted here by Monday.

Parents and students alike – please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Thank you!

Mr. Mroz

Welcome to Another Year of Music Class!