6th, 7th, 8th: Please write a paragraph convincing me why I should like your favorite song! If you can’t choose just one song, choose to write about a musical artist or band, and tell me why you like them, and why I should like them, too. If you don’t have a favorite musical artist or band, do some research and explore your options.

It’s true that music is about opinion. For instance, I might like chocolate and you might like vanilla, and neither one necessarily has to be better or worse. However, many people think that music (and the arts in general) is about more than just opinion or taste – it’s about things like skill, emotion, energy, and creativity – things that can be measured.

Please tell me specifically why I should consider your favorite song, band, or artist, “good music.” Are the lyrics creative? Do you think the guitarist in the song is talented? Do you like the quality of the singer’s voice?

Persuade me why I should listen to what you listen to! Maybe I will 🙂

The lyrics of your song music be school-appropriate! If you have to find a “clean version” of an original song whose lyrics are not appropriate, then you must find another song whose original lyrics are appropriate for school! If you have any questions about this, please email me and ask.

8TH GRADERS: this will be your last assignment of the year, and of your St. Juliana musical career, please make it a good one!


Below 6th Grade: Listen to 30 minutes of music and send me a quick email telling me what you listened to (school-appropriate of course).

It can be the same song, over and over again; it can be 15 different musical artists. It doesn’t matter. You can listen to video game music, if you’d like, but not while playing video games (as you know, you can look anything up on YouTube). If you can concentrate, you’re welcome to have music on while doing other school work, household chores, etc. So, this week, just devote a half an hour to close music listening. Have a great week!

Week of 5/18!