Tuesday News-Room 8

Religion-I read a story from the Bible about a father who loved his son even though he left home and returned again. We talked about how our family always loves us!

Language Arts-Doc showed us all of her broken toys that begin with the sound of /d/. We circled them and tried to figure out what Doc would make or invent with these toys. Our high frequency words are at and sat. We used our word cards to form these words and other words that have /at/ in them. We tapped out the sounds in these words. We also made a spider book with our heart word-the-in the sentences. Ask your child to read the book to you and use the spider as a prop.

Math-We learned about ordinal numbers! I read the story Pete the Cat and the Five Little Pumpkins. We used ghost puppets, and Halloween erasers to practice counting this way. We also made a five little pumpkins flap book.

Homework: Math page. Please upload to Seesaw.

Just a reminder that the Halloween goodies and candy should be brought to school by Friday. Girls- 50 inexpensive prizes, Boys- 50 pieces (about 2 large bags) of candy. Thank you for helping make our carnival a success!

Thursday and Friday–dismissal at 11:20. Parent-Teacher Conferences

Have a great night!

Monday News-Room 8

Religion-We are thanking God for our families.

Language Arts-We met a new superkid friend–Doc! Ask your child what Doc like to do? I also introduced the new heart words for the week–the and a.

Math-Today we practiced one more. We used the Halloween erasers to fill one ten frame with a number and the other ten frame with one more.

Homework: Upload math page to Seesaw.

We started centers in the afternoon today. These centers are small group activities that each child rotates through. Ask your child what centers they did today?

Reminders: Please return the BROWN HIGH FREQUENCY ENVELOPE so that I can put the new words in it on Friday.

–Also please don’t forget to bring in the toys or candy for the Halloween carnival.

Have a great night!

Friday News-Room 8

We started working on our heart words and high frequency words this week. The high frequency words are the words that can be sounded out-Ex. am-2 sounds /a/ and /m/-blend them together to make am. The heart words are words that we cannot decode yet, so we put a heart under the part we don’t know. (I-we don’t really know this sound yet, and the word like. These words need to be memorized until our brains learn these sounds and see them in print. The heart words are the yellow cards that are not cut out yet. Please cut out these words and keep them in a safe place, or put them on a ring. During next week practice these 2 words with your child. A brown high frequency envelope is in your folder tonight. This folder only contains 1 word this week-am. Please take this out and practice sounding it out and reading it. Return the empty envelope to school on Monday and I will send it home next Friday with a new word or words. So you have a total of 3 words to work on next week: I, like and am.

I also sent home a family connection page and the book Sam. We read through the book this week practicing our heart words and decoding the other words. These activities stay at home for you to practice with your child.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also if you do not receive a link for the parent-teacher sign-up, please let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday News-Room 8

Religion-We continued to work on our rosary booklet.

Language Arts-Today we cut out Alf’s backpack and circled all the things that had a short a in the middle of the word. We also continued to practice our heart words I and like. After reading the book Sam, we completed some comprehension questions. We practicing writing the words in rainbow colors.

Math- Please sign the Check my Progress and return. Most of the mistakes are due to not following directions or going ahead.

Science-We are learning about nocturnal animals this week. The Scholastic video taught us about nocturnal animals. Ask your child to name a few??? We made a cute bat hat and are working on our bat book.

Please watch for the SIgn-up genius coming out at 3:15 today.

Reminder: Library tomorrow

Have a great night!

Wednesday News-Room 8

Religion-We are working on our rosary booklet.

Superkids-We practiced printing lower case a and listening for the beginning sound in each of Alf’s adventures. In our Smart Lesson today we listened to a story about Alf’s camping adventure. Ask your child what Alf went back into the house for??? We also started our first little book called “Sam”, we highlighted some of our heart words. This book will come home on Friday.

Math-We used halloween erasers to compare numbers 0 to 10.

Homework: Upload homework to Seesaw.

We made an owl and painted a pattern with a celery stick. This will go up in the hall.

Reminder: Gym tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Tuesday News-Room 8

Religion-We finished up the chapter on feelings. We read a bible story about the finding of Jesus in the Temple.

Language Arts-Today we practiced printing lowercase a. We also started learning about the high frequency words. There are 2 types of high frequency words: heart words-words that have parts in them we cannot read yet (Ex. like, the said, I) and decodable words-words we can sound out (Ex. Sam, big, box). Our words for this week are I, like and am. A note and cards will be coming home on Friday.

Math-We worked on problem solving.

Homework: Upload math page to Seesaw.

Science-Today we started learning about bats. Ask your child what the name is of the largest bat (flying fox) and the smallest bat(Pipistrelle)?

Today we read 2 wonderful fiction books: Stellaluna and The Little White Owl. Both of these books shared a common theme-we are all different, yet we are all the same. Ask your child about the main characters, Stellaluna and the white owl and how they are the same and how they are different???

Some of the children are coming home with an overdue library notice. You do not need to pay the fee as we were not in school on Friday


Sign-up genius for parent-teacher conferences will go on Thursday at 3:15.

Parent-teacher Conferences Thursday October 21-12:30-7:00 & Friday October 22 12:30-3:00

Have a great night!

Wednesday News-Room 8

What a busy day!!!

Zero the Hero left us a treat for the 30th day of school!

Language Arts-We met a new Superkid friend, Alf. Ask your child what Alf likes to do???

Math-We practiced counting 10 objects and filling in a ten frame.

Homework: Math Page-upload to Seesaw.

In the folder you will find our first Progress Test for Superkids and a Check My Progress for math. Please sign and return to school tomorrow. Please note these tests are academic, as well as listening assessments. Many of the mistakes the children made are due to not listening/following directions. Each child has an office(a folder) up around their test. We go over the directions multiple times and the questions are repeated multiple times. This is also their second time taking this type of assessment-so it takes time to get used to the format.

Social Studies-We had a fun visit from the Fire Department today. Thank you Officer DeBartolo for coming to talk to us about fire safety. We also had a fire truck and engine visit us this morning.

We had a great time at our ABC Bootcamp Fashion Show!

Tuesday News-Room 8

Religion-Today we talked about how God gives us feelings.

Language Arts-We completed Progress Test 1 today. (The corrected test will come home tomorrow.)

Math-We completed a Check My Progress.

Social Studies-This is Fire Safety Week. Today we talked about fire drills at school and at home. (So your child may come home asking if you have a smoke alarm and a fire safety plan.) We also talked about the importance of knowing our address and phone number if we have to call 911. Tomorrow (weather permitting) a fire truck will visit our school parking lot to show us some of the equipment.

No homework tonight-please practice your phone number and address with your child. ( Putting it to music usually helps them remember it!) And don’t forget to read every night!

Have a great night!

Monday News-Room 8

Religion-October is the month of the rosary. Today we learned about the different parts of the rosary.

Language Arts-You will find the Golly workbook in the folder tonight. Please go over the book with your child. Today we listened to a story called Gregory’s Green Googles. Ask your child what animals were in the story and where the green goggles were at??? We also read our Super Smart: Informational Digital Read-Aloud called School for Dogs. ASk your child what dogs do in school?

Math-We counted objects to 9.

Homework: Math page-upload to Seesaw.

Science/Social Studies-This week we will be talking about fire safety and nocturnal animals.

Reminders: I am still missing a few vests for our ABC Bootcamp fashion show, please bring them in tomorrow.

We are collecting pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House in Maywood. Every time we fill up a gallon zip lock bag we get an out of uniform slip.

Dates to Remember:

October 11: No School

October 21-22: Parent-Teacher Conferences via Zoom

October 28: Spirit Wear Day

October 29: Halloween celebration

Have a great night!

Friday News-Room 8

Religion-Today we celebrated the Feast of our Guardian Angel. We learned an Angel prayer/song that we will use every day in school. The children are coming home with a prayer that they can say at home. We also read a fantastic book called the Apple Tree’s Discovery. It is about a small apple tree that wants to have stars on its branches like the bigger trees. God tells him to be patient. One day a strong wind blew some apples off and they broke open in half-Guess what was inside??? Ask your child??

Language Arts-We made a fun book called: Golly’s Book of Sniffs. This was a listening activity to make the book correctly. The fun part was adding the sniffs!! Ask your child to show you their favorite sniff! Today was our last day of ABC Bootcamp. We reviewed the letter and sound of Z. Our ABC Fashion show is next Wednesday. Unfortunately parents are not able to attend due to Covid regulations.

Reminder: The ABC vests are due on Monday.

Please read the orange note about our Halloween carnival with the 8th grade.

We had a fun apple week. We tried painting with apples-to see the star, and we made apple pie in a cup today. Ask your child if they liked the treat??

Have a wonderful weekend! Next week-owls and bats!!