Spelling – Backpack Page 31.

Math – A new batch of flashcards are coming home. The Chapter 2 test will be on Thursday. Study the review pages coming home and the vocabulary cards from the beginning of the Chapter.

Religion – Study for the Chapter 4 Test on Wednesday. You will be asked to fill in blanks to the Gloria prayer. You will also be asked what are two ways we can pray to God. Take the pretest at blestarewe.com.

*iReady – The diagnostic results (you can keep) from September are coming home. We will take the diagnostic test again in the Winter and in the Spring. Please complete 15 minutes of Math and 15 minutes of Reading by Sunday evening.

*Tomorrow – We will be previewing the Book Fair. I will let you know our day to purchase books.

*Thursday – Spirit Wear

*Friday – Thank you to our Room Moms, Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Oswald, for preparing our Halloween Party!! You may come out of uniform in Halloween colors. 

Monday’s Homework