Weather and Appropriate Attire

According to the dress code policy, PE shorts are no longer allowed to be worn. As long as the weather is about 45 degrees or warmer and dry, PE classes will go outside. Please make sure you are sending your sons and daughters to school with sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and gloves. Items can always be taken off if the students get warm.

PE Uniforms, Weather, & Reminders

Classes will be held outside for the entire time when the weather is above 50 degrees and is not raining. Please make sure to dress accordingly and to wear gym shoes on PE days. If the grass is muddy or wet, we will stay on the sidewalk while taking a walk around the neighborhood or to Brooks Park. Anytime we are walking to and from Brooks Park or around the neighborhood, students have to keep their masks on. When we are at our destination and can safely remove the masks, while remaining socially distant, any student who whishes to remove his/her mask may do so. If a student is having trouble remaining socially distant, he/she will be asked to put his/her mask back on. When we leave the St. Juliana campus, we represent St. Juliana. Students are expected to walk on the sidewalk, move over and share the sidewalk with others, follow school rules, and show respect toward each other, teachers, members of the neighborhood, and the environment. Having the chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air during PE classes is a privilege and can and will be taken away if students do not represent St. Juliana in a proper manner.