Happy birthday, Caden! We hope you enjoyed your special day. We loved celebrating with you. We love you, Caden! What a great smile!

This week’s big idea, I always try my best, has been a big idea all year in Room 2. We are very proud of how all the students have tried their best all year!

Is It Light or Heavy?… The children enjoyed using balances to find out which objects were heavier and which objects were lighter. We also encouraged the children to make the balance level. We guided the children to see that when the balance is level, the weight on each side is the same.

Zz is for Zoom…The children enjoyed pretending to be airplanes and spreading their wings to zoom around the room and landing on different letters. We discussed the letter names and sounds and words that begin with that letter sound.

TOMORROW: Last day for hot lunches. All full-day students will need a packed lunch Monday, 7th, and Tuesday, 8th.
Wednesday, 9th June: Pre-K 4’s final morning. 11.00 am Dismissal for all Pre-K 4 students.
Thursday, 10th June: Grades 1st through to 7th final morning.

Have a good night everyone. Please early to bed.

Happy Birthday, Caden!