Little Bat…A big book this week was Little Bat. Linked to this big book, the children enjoyed a parachute game. We pretended the parachute was a cave and we encouraged the children to fly in the cave as bats and to come out from the cave as one of the other animals in the story Little Bat.

Explore ABB, AABB, and ABC Patterns…The children are pattern experts! The children enjoyed creating ABB, AABB, and ABC patterns. We encouraged the children to predict what comes next.

Try Something New!… We encouraged the children to compare how they feel when they are trying to learn something for the first time and when they are doing something they are good at. We encouraged the children to try a challenging activity such as hula hooping and jumping rope. We were very impressed with the children’s persistence hula hooping and jumping rope.

I Tried…Linked to the big idea, I feel comfortable trying new things, we encouraged the children to tell us about things they have tried recently. We encouraged the children to trace a sentence explaining something they have tried recently.

Molly Strong…Please encourage your child to wear orange or cheetah print to school tomorrow to offer support to Molly Morris, a student attending St. Monica School who has just been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. If you would like to participate in the fundraiser for Molly please send your child to school tomorrow with $1.00. Thank you for all your support for Molly.

Thursday, 27th May:  SJS Spirit Day. Please have your child wear spirit wear or green/white to school this day. Thank you.
Friday, 28th May – No School – Teacher Institute Day
Monday, 31st May – No School – Memorial Day
Thursday, 3rd June: Happy birthday, Caden! We will celebrate Caden’s birthday.
Friday, 4th June: Last day for hot lunches. All full-day students will need a packed lunch Monday, 7th, and Tuesday, 8th.
Wednesday, 9th June: Pre-K 4’s final morning. 11.00 am Dismissal for all Pre-K 4 students.
Thursday, 10th June: Grades 1st through to 7th final morning.

Have a good night everyone. Please early to bed.

Molly Strong…Please wear orange or cheetah print tomorrow…