Our Weather…This week we began the big idea, The weather affects what I wear and do each day. Each day we go outside to think about the weather. The children enjoy using their sky viewers to look at the clouds in the sky. In the following center time, the children draw a picture of the weather in their weather journal. We love the children’s weather journals!

Weather Posters…The children enjoyed working in small groups to create a weather poster. We encouraged the children to think about how we might dress for different types of weather and what we might do in different types of weather.

Hot and Cold…This week we introduced temperature. We explained that temperature means how hot or cold something is. Today the children enjoyed using thermometers to measure the temperature of cold ice and warm water.

This week our special friend Kendall is the teacher helper. Kendall has a wonderful noggin! Kendall is a reader! She has worked very hard at home to become a reader. All year Kendall has done a wonderful job completing her homework. Every piece of homework she returns to school looks beautiful. Well done, Kendall! Kendall has so many wonderful qualities. I particularly love Kendall’s honesty and sense of responsibility. Way to go, Kendall! Kendall is a fun friend in Room 2! She always brings an energy and excitement to our free play! We love you, Kendall! Keep letting your light shine!

Friday, 30th April: SJS Spirit Day. Please have your child wear spirit wear or green/white to school this day. Thank you.
Friday, 21st May: We will celebrate Maggie’s birthday. Happy birthday, Maggie!
Thursday, 27th May:  SJS Spirit Day. Please have your child wear spirit wear or green/white to school this day. Thank you.
Friday, 28th May – No School – Teacher Institute Day
Monday, 31st May – No School – Memorial Day
Thursday, 3rd June: Happy birthday, Caden! We will celebrate Caden’s birthday.
Wednesday, 9th June: Pre-K 4’s final morning. 11.00 am Dismissal for all Pre-K 4 students.
Thursday, 10th June: Grades 1st through to 7th final morning.

Congratulations to Jimmy and all the Peters family! Jimmy has a new baby sister! A big welcome, Margaret Bernadette, to our Room 2 family! We love you, Margaret Bernadette! ❤️
Have a good night, everyone! Please early to bed.

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