Homework Mon. 11/23/20

Reading- First trimester AR reports are in their green folders. Many of these reports do not reflect reading 20 min. a night. Today they all have a new AR book to read for 20 min. tonight. Remind them to write the number of pages they read on their index card.

Math- My Homework

*Report cards are going home tomorrow. Please keep the report card and just sign and return the envelope to school on Monday.

Have a great night!

Homework Thurs. 11/19/20

We made it! Yay! Tomorrow is the last day of the 1st Trimester. I am so happy we were able to complete the 1st trimester in-person!

Tonight’s homework:

Reading- Read 20 min for AR. Tomorrow is the last day for the 1st trimester. AR will be up and running for tests next Tuesday for the 2nd Trimester.

Math- Review worksheet

Seesaw- Please complete the Social Studies- Continent activity and the Turkey Thankful activity only! The other 2 we will complete in class.

Thanks for the food donations for the poor. We are almost at our goal of 50 items.

Have a good night!

Homework Tues. 11/17/20

*The 1st trimester ends this Friday. All should have 10 or more AR points.

*Picture retakes are this Wednesday. If you are retaking, please bring in the originals.

Reading- Read for AR 20 min.

Religion- Reread Chap 5. There will be an open book quiz tomorrow. Review on www.blestarewe.com If you need more time on the St Report you can hand it in on Thursday.

Math- Please review last nights homework. Several made a few mistakes to correct. Complete extra practice worksheet on Arrays and “_groups of_”.

Thanks to those who brought in food for the Sharing program. Our goal classroom is to get 50 items.

Have a good night!

Homework Thurs. 11/12/20

Read for AR 20 min.

Religion- Work on St. Report. Due date Wed. 11/18/20

*Information about a food drive and Parish sharing program went home yesterday. They will be collecting next week.

As you may know Covid cases have been increasing in the neighborhood, I have reminded the class to wear their masks when mixing with other families. We wear them in school to stay safe so it does make sense to wear them outside of school also.

Have a nice 3 day weekend!

Homework Wed. 11/11/20

Reading- Read for Ar 20 min.

See if you can find an array at home!

Math- L3 My Homework- Arrays and skip counting worksheet. Skip counting is important in the development of fluency as the basis of multiplication and division. The goal is to have students count fluently forwards and backwards by 2’s, 4’s, 6’s etc… starting at any number. Please continue to practice.

Spelling- Test tomorrow.

Have a good night!

Homework Tues. 11/10/20 St. Report due next Wed.

The weather is changing. Please dress appropriately for recess and gym class.

Reading- Read for AR 20 min.

Math- My Homework L2

Spelling – Study words. Test is Thursday

Grammar – Noun Unit Review p 68-69. #1-25 only. Review noun rules in previous lesson. We will be taking the Unit test on Tuesday next week.

Science- We have have finished our Chap. on Ecosystem. All did well on the Science test. Yay!

Religion- St. Report due next Wed. Sorry for any confusion.

Have a great night!

Homework Monday 11/9/20

Reading- Read for AR 20 min.

Math- We started chapter 4 Understanding Multiplication. We will continue to practice addition/subtraction regrouping along with this.

My Homework L1

Science- Review for science test tomorrow. There are 10 questions and 8 are multiply choice. I sent home their blue folders with science papers we have done. Please review. I also sent home a paper with vocab. they should review.

Have a good night!

Homework Wed. 11/4/2020

Reading- Read for AR. Everyone has their AR book in their school bag again tonight. Reminder : The 1st trimester ends on November 20th and students need to earn 10 points. Many still need to work on earning their points.  Information on finding books (arbookfind.com). If the 10 pts are not met by the last week of the trimester your child will stay in from recess with me and read for 20 min. each day.

Math- Subtract across zeros. This is our last math lesson in chap. 3. We will be taking the chap. test this Friday.

Religion- The saint report paper was sent home today. The report should be completed on this paper.

Have a good night!