Homework Mon. 10/18/21

The room moms are planning a Halloween party for Friday the 29th! All can wear Black/Orange/Purple Halloween colors that day!

Reading-Reread Gary the Dreamer aloud to an adult. I have found we need to improve our reading fluency.

Grammar-Test tomorrow. Review the grammar rules in Unit 1.

Math-Complete My Homework Lesson 4. Mental Math can be tricky for some. I explained last week that breaking apart a number to add is just a strategy and we will continue to add in “working form”.

Thank you all for signing up for P/T conf. We will only have 10-15 min. Please have your questions or concerns ready. If we feel we need more time we can talk in person at the 3rd grade door or schedule another meeting!

Have a great day!

Homework Thurs. 10/14/21

Reading- Read for 20 min. Yesterday I sent home the log in for you to view your child’s AR progress. This may also have been sent home earlier this year.

Spelling- Unit 7 test is tomorrow please study and practice printing spelling words in lower case letters:)

Grammar worksheet

I’m having difficulty posting sign up. It should be sent by 4:45 today. Sorry

This afternoon I will be sending you an email from Sign-Up Genius. Please sign up for one time slot for Parent Teacher conf. Conferences are next Thurs/ Fri on Zoom. Each time slot is 10-15 min. If you should need more time we can discuss at another date.

See all the kiddos tomorrow!

Have a good day!

Homework Wed. 10/13/21

Reading-We had library today and their library books are in their school bags to read at home. Read for AR 20 min.

Grammar- complete the review pages 40-41 and study the grammar highlighters rules in Unit 1. Grammar test will be next week.

Math- My Homework

Science- We reviewed lessons 1-3 today in class. We will continue to review this week and have the science test next Tuesday. It’s a short test and they will be given a review sheet to complete.

Have a good night!

Homework Tues. 10/5/21

Reading-Read for 20 min your AR book. Please remember to bring it back to school tomorrow.

Math-L2 Patterns in the Addition Table. Complete 67-68 if you did not finish in class. Please review. Homework tonight is p69-70. Tip…Essential question: How can addition patterns help me add mentally? If you add 2 even numbers the sum will be even. When you get an answer make sure it follows the addition pattern.

Science-Vocab. practice packet p 1-2.

Tomorrow is Mass at 8:30.

Have a good night!

Homework Mon. 10/4/21

Reading-Read 20 min. In their folder today is a note explaining AR and our classroom reading log. Ask your child if they filled out their reading log today and what they are reading during silent reading.

Book orders -Thank you to those who ordered books. I was notified book orders are delayed due to shipping problems! I’ll keep you posted.

Spelling-No test this week. We have a review unit. Finish p 45 if you did not finish in class.

Grammar-We are nearing the end of Unit 1 in Grammar. Please begin reviewing the grammar rules in lessons 1-7. Complete lesson 7 worksheet complex sentences. Please review the rules.

Have a good day!