Week of November 23

I am so VERY proud of our student body and their families. We collected enough food this past week to fill probably half of the truck that will be delivering the food to Saint Thomas of Canterbury. The 8th graders did a great job collecting and storing the food every morning. I’m so grateful to the 8th graders who came to school on Saturday afternoon to load the truck with all of the food we collected in school this week.

Since there is no Student Council this year and we couldn’t do our usual collection and shopping for gifts for the parish Christmas sharing program, the 8th graders decided that we should still collect money from the students and give the money to the Spirit Missionary Team who will shop for the gifts for the program. We collected $2,580.00 from the students this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!! That is more than twice that we have ever collected for this project. We had some really good discussions in religion classes this week about both the food drive and the sharing program and how important it is to “give back”. Thank you all so much for your wonderful support for both of these programs.

We had our Bible ceremony on Friday for the 6th graders so they now have their own Bibles, which we will be using for the next three years in religion classes. The kids are welcome to bring their Bibles home anytime that they want. I encouraged them on Friday to bring them home this week to show their parents.

There are no tests scheduled this week in religion classes.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. One of the things that I am most grateful for at this time is our wonderful students and their families. Thank you for sending such outstanding young ladies and gentlemen to us at SJS. They are a joy!!!

Week of November 16

8th graders who are planning to attend a Catholic high school are asked to pre-register for the entrance exam at the school where they will be taking the exam on December 5th. I would check the web site of the high school for registration information. I know that all of our students have received lots of information from the high schools so they probably have even gotten reminders about the registration for the entrance exam.

Just a reminder about the food drive and the collection for the parish sharing programs that will be taking place this week in school. Please try to be generous both with your food donation and a money donation to the parish sharing program. We have talked about both of these activities in religion classes this week and realize how grateful we are to have what we have and the importance of donating to those less fortunate. Thanks so much for your support of these donations.

6th Religion: 6th graders will be receiving their Bibles on Friday. Father James will do a short prayer service for each of the 6th grade religion classes. He will have the services in the chapel because of the painting being done in the church. We are not able to have the classes together because the chapel is too small for the whole 6th grader to attend together because of covid restrictions. The students usually leave their Bibles in school so that they are available for religion classes but they are certainly welcome to bring them home whenever they want. I will encourage the kids to bring them home next Friday so that can show them to you.

7th and 8th religion: starting new chapters this week.

Have a great week.

Information from St. Viator

Extended Scholarship Opportunities 

for Incoming Freshmen 

An important aspect of the December 5 Placement Exam is the opportunity to be awarded scholarship packages from Saint Viator High School. For the class of 2025, we have expanded our award criteria, making scholarships more broadly available

To be eligible, prospective students must take the Placement Exam onsite at Saint Viator on December 5.* Scholarships will automatically be awarded to students who score in the 90th percentile or above on the Placement Exam in the following manner**: 

Students scoring in the 97-99th percentile will be awarded $2,500 per year Students scoring in the 94-96th percentile will be awarded $1,500 per year Students scoring in the 90-93rd percentile will be awarded $1,000 per year 

In addition to these merit-based scholarships, Saint Viator provides tuition assistance to roughly 30% of our student body with cumulative awards of nearly $2 million presented annually. To learn more about our tuition assistance program, visit www.saintviator.com/admissions/tuition

To learn more or register for the Saint Viator Placement Exam on December 5, visit www.saintviator.com/placementexam

Plastic bags for Food Drive

Good morning.
As you know, we are sponsoring a food drive in school next week to support the parish food drive. The 8th graders will be in charge of picking the food up from the different classrooms each morning (there will be a box in the hall so my 8th graders will not be entering the classrooms.). We are in need of plastic bags to put the collected food in. If you have plastic bags from Jewel, Mariano’s, Target, etc.., could you send them to school to my attention? My homeroom has been good about bringing bags in but I don’t think we have enough yet.

Thank you so much.

Week of November 9

The 8th graders brought home a form on Wednesday for ordering caps and gowns. Please make sure that your son or daughter returns the form with their order and money by Wednesday. We will be measuring those who need to order a gown on Wednesday. We know that this is very early to be ordering caps and gowns but we are getting as many of the “8th grade orders” done now. I’m certainly hoping that it doesn’t happen because I love being back in person with the kids but we are very aware that the possibility of going to remote learning could happen. Thanks for your help with this.

Your students will be bringing home two flyers next week. One is about the food drive that we are sponsoring and one is about the parish Christmas Sharing program. We will be collecting non-perishable food items the week of November 16-20. The food collected in school will be added to the parish food drive that is taking place over that weekend. The other flyer is about the parish sharing program that we would like to participate in as a school. We will be collecting money from the students the week of November 16-20 (same week as the food collection). Information about both of these events is explained in the flyers next week. Thanks for supporting these two projects.

6th religion: chapter 5 test on Thursday

7th religion: chapter 5 test on Wednesday

8th religion; chapter 4 test on Wednesday

Have a great week.

Week of November 2

I think this will be a pretty quiet week.

Thanks to our room moms who provided the Halloween treats on Friday for our homeroom. The kids loved them.

In 6th, 7th, and 8th religion classes, we will be continuing in out text books. There are no tests scheduled for this week.

Have a great week.

Week of October 26

It was great to see so many of you for conferences last week. I wish they could have been in person but the zoom was OK. Will we ever be back to “normal”?

I will be sending a form home with some of my homeroom students. It’s the Enrollment and Tuition Agreement that needs to be signed and returned to school.

Just a reminder: all 8th grade students need to show proof of an eye exam. Thanks for your help with this.

6th Religion: Test on Thursday.

7th Religion: Test on Wednesday

8th Religion: Test on Thursday.

Have a great week.

High School Placement Test

The Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic high schools will be administering the High School Placement Test on Dec. 5, 2020. To address health concerns, in addition to offering the exam on the high school campus, the schools will be offering a remote/online administration of the exam and potentially multiple testing sessions, starting on Dec. 5. All in-person high school testing will be expected to follow strict safety measures, as provided by the archdiocese.  
Students and families can begin to register for the examination at the high school of their choice beginning Nov. 13. Information regarding the testing details for the individual high schools can be found at the High School Admissions websites.  

Eye Exams for 8th graders

8th GradeParents please make sure you have sent the office your child’s eye exam. The office sent home notices last week. If you have received a notice please turn the form in by October 28th or contact the office with a scheduled appointment date.  If your child does not have eye exam form or apt. by October 30th he/she will not be able to attend school.  If you have any questions, please call the office at 773-631-2256.