A Few Reminders…

Greetings Families!
Just want to remind you that all students attending the Extended Care Program need their own supply of toys/activities. There CANNOT BE ANY SHARING OF TOYS, etc. Also, NO POKEMON CARDS, PLAYDOH, or BALLS of any sort.
You may want to consider the following:
*art supplies
*action figures

Thanks so much 🙂

Extended Care Begins!

Greetings Families-
Today was our first day of the Extended Care Program. The kiddos did great in our new gym location. Each student has their own table, chair, and area to stretch out their yoga mat. We took advantage of the beautiful weather by going out to the courtyard as well. Looking forward to another great day in Extended Care tomorrow…

*You may want to notify your child’s teacher daily when your child will be attending the program. Each teacher will escort the students to the gym for check-in
*Please pack a snack each day for your child to eat after school
*Send a backpack filled with activities for your child. the bag will remain in school in our locker room until you bring it home at the end of the week
*Pick-Up Procedure: Call the Extended Care number, and arrive at the side gym door on Oketo – the second door in from Touhy (labeled with a sign)

Extended Care Update, 8/25/20

Welcome to all families who have registered for the Extended Care program. You should have received a confirmation email stating that your registration is complete.
We’re looking forward to having the kiddos back with us in the Extended Care Program beginning Monday, 8/31. Weekly registration forms were sent home this week.  Please be sure to complete the pages including your family name and estimated time that you’ll be using the program each day.  These forms should be returned to school by Friday the week prior. Below are some reminders:

  • Subscribe to the Extended Care page on our school weblogs
  • Please notify your child’s teacher when your child will be attending the program, as teachers will escort the students to check in at the gym
  • Prepare your child’s activity bag with things for her/him to play with, as we will NOT be sharing toys,etc.  Please label the items with your child’s name.  This bag can remain in Extended Care, but must be brought home on Friday’s for a proper cleaning and brought back the following week
  • Pack a snack & water for your child each day, as snacks/milk will no longer be provided 
  • Your child will receive a yoga mat that will be labeled with her/his name.  The mat will be disinfected daily and kept in school 

As always, please contact me with any questions-
Chris Boldt  🙂
Extended Care Coordinator