October 25, 2021

Math 4: pages 137-138; i-Ready

Math 5: i-Ready

Reading: Chapter 16 in Packet; poem due Friday; i-Ready

English: Finish take-home quiz

Social Studies: Study for test on Wednesday

Religion: Study for test tomorrow

Vocab: Antonym/Synonym sheet due tomorrow; test on Friday

Tomorrow we will be going to the Book Fair to preview the books:) Information went home last week with youngest/only. If you have not already done so, please send in money for homeroom parents. Thank you:)

October 20, 2021

Math 4: i-Ready

Math 5: Study Guide; test on Friday

Reading: poem due next Friday

English: finish pages 52-55 if not done; 56-58; worksheet

Social Studies: study for quiz tomorrow

Vocab: pages due Friday

Just a reminder that we have an 11:30 dismissal tomorrow because of conferences. Have a great evening:)

October 19, 2021

Math 4: i-Ready

Math 5: pages 367-369 with calculations done in n/b; i-Ready; test on Friday

English: pages 51-54

Social Studies: Winter Count p. 15 in Interactive Notebook.

Science: Pages 61-63 Questions 1-4 in book.

Religion: Activity page 69 worksheet due tomorrow.

Reading: quiz tomorrow

Vocab: pages 40-41 due Friday

DON’T FORGET: Sign up for Conferences and please send in homeroom $ when you can.

October 18, 2021

Math 4: study for test tomorrow; i-Ready

Math 5: 5A finish 9-14 for sticker; pages 365-366 My Homework in n/b; test on Friday

Reading: Chapter 14-15 questions in packet; quiz on Wednesday

English: get test signed; pages 48-51 A-D

Science: get test signed and make corrections if necessary

Religion: Sacramental worksheet

If you have not yet signed up for Conferences, please do so or email me if you did not receive the invitation from last week. Have a great evening:)

October 14, 2021

Math 4: get quiz signed; make corrections if necessary; leave Volume 2 book at home

Math 5: correct quiz if needed; leave Volume 2 book at home

English: correct test and get signed

Science: study for test tomorrow

Social Studies: study for quiz tomorrow

Reading: worksheet due tomorrow

Vocab: Unit 3 Test tomorrow

Religion: flower for Mary due Monday

PLEASE NOTE: We have finally received our Math books!! I am sending home Volume 2 to keep at home for now. Please keep it in a safe place until we need it. ALSO, we are sending out invitations to sign up for conferences today. If you did not get one, then we do not have your email on file in the office. Please email me and I will send you an invite.

Have a great evening:

October 13, 2021

Math 4: page 112 in book (Yes, book!!); i-Ready

Math 5; i-Ready (Math Books are in !!) (Mrs. Stapleton: i-Ready lesson)

English: Finish worksheet if not completed

Science: Study flashcards for test on Friday

Social Studies: Study for quiz on Friday

Reading: Chapters 12 and 13; worksheet due Friday

Please remember to send in $ for homeroom parties. Thank you:)

October 12, 2021

Math 4: i-Ready

Math 5: Study for quiz; i-Ready

Science: finish pages 48-50; test on Friday

Reading: Chapter 11 packet questions

Vocab: Test on Friday

Social Studies: finish notes on Google Classroom; quiz on Friday

Religion: bring in a Rosary if you can

Please note: A note is going home today regarding a collection for the class parties. Please make sure your child gives it to you.

Have a great evening:)

October 8, 2021

Math 4: Study for quiz on Add/Subtracting Large Numbers on Tuesday; i-Ready

Math 5: Quiz on Wednesday; i-Ready

Vocab: Test next Friday

PLEASE NOTE: Since we do not have our Math books yet, I have been making copies of pages for all of the students. I’ve purchased a two-pocket folder for each child and have asked that they keep all of their Math work in them. Most of the work is supposed to be done in their Math notebooks; these “pages” should be a reference guide (just as the book would serve). Please make sure your child keeps his/her papers in the folder until we are finished with the chapter. He/she may then leave the pages at home when we begin a new one. In other words, this folder is serving as their “book” right now. Thank you!

Have a great weekend:)

October 7, 2021

Math 4: Lesson 7 Independent Practice worksheet #’s3-14 in notebook; i-Ready

Math 5: Lesson 2 Reteach; apple/worm project due tomorrow

English: October Editing worksheet

Reading: Chapter 10 in packet; Holes t-shirt due tomorrow

Vocab: Synonym/Antonym worksheet due tomorrow; spider due tomorrow

Have a great evening:)