November 23, 2021

Dear Students and Families,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the kindness and generosity you have shown me during this difficult time. Thank you for your support, your gifts, and your prayers.

I also want to wish you all a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving. I am truly grateful for my family and my Saint Juliana Family as well.

Take care,

Mrs. Marshall

November 3, 2021

Math 4: pages 177-178; i-Ready

Math 5: 5A-page 405 in n/b; 5B-page 405 8-15 in n/b

Religion: God’s Greatest Gift worksheet

Vocab: pages due Friday

Social Studies: Study for Quiz on Friday; Project due Friday

English: Study for test tomorrow

Please email me with your child’s t-shirt size or turn in the blue sheet by Friday. I am still missing three. Thank you. Have a great evening:)

November 2, 2021

Math 4: Rainbow Factor sheet; i-Ready

Math 5: Lesson 10 Reteach #11-20 in n/b; i-Ready

Vocab: pp. 50-53 due Friday

English: Packet #’s 1-6 on each sheet

Reading: Questions Chapter 20-21; Chapter 21 Stop and Jot

Science: Questions 3-9 on pages 68-71

Social Studies: study notes (also on Google Classroom)

Please remember to return t-shirt order form by Friday. Also, small bottles of water and alcohol wipes would be greatly appreciated;)

November 1, 2021

Math 4: Check My Progress Worksheet; i-Ready

Math 5: Lesson 10 Reteach in n/b #’s 1-10; i-Ready

English: pages 68-71; Unit 2 Test on Thursday

Science: 5A finish notes from Google Classroom

Please note: Information regarding t-shirt orders and Mothers’ Club Hot Lunch information is going home today with all students. Please fill in the size t-shirt for your child. Keep in mind they may run small or shrink, so you may want to order up a size. The t-shirts are free; hot lunch will be on November 19th and order forms are due Wednesday, November 10th. Lunch will be Joe’s Pizza and Dairy Queen.

By the way, many students are forgetting their water bottles and are in need of cups. But the cups spill, causing messes during class. If possible, can you please send some small bottles of water if you have any? This way we can put our names on them and refill them throughout the day. It would surely be appreciated, along with alcohol wipes for the Chromebooks if you can find them.

Have a great evening:)

October 28, 2021

Math 4: Finish Mystery Mansion; i-Ready

Math 5: pages 395-396; i-Ready

English: Finish A,B,C and questions 2 and 3 on D

Reading: Rough draft of poem due tomorrow

Vocab: Unit 4 Test tomorrow

We will celebrate Halloween tomorrow afternoon. Students can come in Halloween colors, but no costumes. We will also attend Mass. If you wish to send a treat with your child, you may do so but keep in mind we will not be eating in class. All are welcome to take home and enjoy. Please make sure everything you send is on the SnackSafely list. Thank you:)

October 27, 2021

Math 4: pages 151-152; i-Ready

Math 5: i-Ready

Religion: Unit 1 Test due Friday

English: worksheet due tomorrow

Reading: Finish Stop and Jot; Chapter 19 packet; poem rough draft due Friday

Vocab: Unit 4 Practice due Friday; test on Friday

i-Ready Family Reports are going home today. Please check with your child and feel free to read them over.

Also, Spirit Day wear tomorrow!! Friday we will be in Halloween Colors:) Have a great evening.

October 26, 2021

Math 4: pages 145-146; i-Ready

Math 5: pages 383-384; i-Ready

Science: Have at least 1/2 of States of Matter color by number done for tomorrow

English: pages 60-61

Reading: Finish Stop and Jot; Chapters 17-18 packet

Social Studies: Study for test tomorrow; finish note cards

Vocab: Practice worksheet due Friday; test on Friday

We will attend the Scholastic Book Fair to purchase tomorrow morning. Please keep in mind that they are not giving any coin change and they do charge tax. Have a great evening:)