Happy Friday Pre-K Families!

This week’s Big Idea was all about Friendship! We read several stories about friends, including My Friends at School and A Splendid Friend Indeed! (Splendid is a big word…who remembers what it means?) We talked about how to be a good friend, we made a class book about what we like to do at school with a friend, and we also worked on creating a friendship chain to decorate our classroom. Here’s a sampling from our book…the originals are coming home today. And our first class pics all together! Can your child name all their new classmates/friends for you?

We also had some visitors to our classroom this week…caterpillars who are now safely cocooning in their chrysalises! Mrs. Enright goofed on ordering this year and got her caterpillars too early! We will watch them closely and are looking forward to them hatching into butterflies soon! And we will hope to do them again in the Spring as well…because, why not! Let’s hope for some warmer weather next week so we can release them.

This week’s math concept was positional words (above, below, inside, outside, next to, behind, in between, etc…) We did activities involving putting our friend Willow the Dog in various places around the room and we took turns describing where Willow was.

And we each got a chance to make our own slime this week. Check out this action!

Happy 5th Birthday to Claire! She celebrated over the weekend with family, and with friends at school on Tuesday.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

September 11, 2020