First full week under our PK belts! This week we worked on patterns and used various manipulatives to create our own. Patterns are an important concept for preschoolers. Understanding patterns is an important math skill for young children. It allows them to make observations and predictions, and sets them up to learn more complex number concepts and operations later on.

Lots of fun with letters this week! We used Play-Doh and rolled balls, squished them flat, then stamped the letters in our names. The kiddos had fun decorating the first letter of their name with stickers too.

And we read the book, The Kissing Hand this week. Chester the raccoon is missing his Mama while he goes to school (at night of course, because he’s a nocturnal animal!) Mama has a special way to show him that her love goes with him wherever he is. Hope you enjoyed the sweet handprints your kiddos made to remember this story! Can your child retell parts of the story for you?

Happy Birthday Weekend to our friends Audrey and Claire. They both turn 5 tomorrow! Happy, happy Birthday girls!I’ll post Claire pics next time!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! See you Tuesday!

September 4, 2020