Hello Preschool Families. I hope you are all well. I have been keeping our first responder families in my prayers this weekend. Thank you for your continued and faithful service in the face of uncertainty.

We have made it to our last week of e-learning. I know it hasn’t been easy for any of you, but you have really done a tremendous job!

Here’s a funny story today about how the alphabet gets mixed up one day!

As a follow up activity for this book, you could put each letter on a post it and allow your child to “mix them up” on a wall. Encourage your child to sing the alphabet song the way they have them laid out…it will sound very strange and funny! Then put them back in the right order.

Since we did not get to do an end of year self portrait in school, here is a printable template you could use to have your kiddo complete one at home. Or just have them draw themselves on a piece of paper. The one they drew from the beginning of the year will be in their take home bag that you’ll pick up this Friday. Always a fun comparison!

June 1, 2020