Happy Friday! We will Zoom at 10 this morning. See you soon!

This looks super fun to do today! And it’s going to be a nice day…so you can do it outside!

  • Cut small pieces of paper towel so they can be folded over.
  • Using a permanent marker, write whatever you want to be discovered on the bottom part (a name, letters, numbers…)
  • Fold over the top part so whatever you wrote is not visible
  • Have your kiddo spray it with water or use an eyedropper to reveal what’s hidden when it gets wet
  • My photos aren’t the best. Hopefully you get the idea! ( I spelled preschool!)

Try out an Alphabet Order game on ABCya.

Hope you get some time outside today! See if you see any numbers or letters around your neighborhood! Enjoy the day and the weekend ahead!

May 29, 2020