Good Morning! As a reminder, there is no scheduled Zoom today. We will have one tomorrow morning (Friday 5/29) at 10 AM. I’ll send a reminder email later today.

Here’s a book about numbers you can read today on the Epic site. Afterwards, try making a number book of your own, following the format of the one you read. Give your child several pieces of paper and some supplies (stickers, an old magazine/ad for cutting out pictures, stamps, or any other small craft supplies you may have on hand. Write a a simple sentence on each page and let them practice writing the number. Put it all together when it’s finished and let them share it with the rest of the family.

This one’s a bit long…but it’s gonna rain most of the day today, and it’s educational. No guilt zone :))

Squishy, sensory bags are relatively easy to make. Try it out, using a gallon ziplock bag and the recipe here. I’ve also made these at school using a small amount of paint, or shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring. Fun for practicing writing letters, numbers, shapes or whatever!

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday. See you tomorrow!

March 28, 2020