November 12, 2020

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow was a scheduled day off for SJS for faculty in-service. Enjoy the weekend, and I’m looking forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday!

Some upcoming reminders to add to your calendar:

Thanksgiving Break is November 25-29.

SJS is collecting non-perishable food items next week, November 16-20. Also, we are accepting monetary donations for the parish sharing program. Please send in with your kiddos any day next week. Thank you!

School photos will be going home this Monday. Retake day is Wednesday, 11/18. If you want a retake, please send the original photos back on that day.

Pre-K Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday, November 24th.

Our first day back from Thanksgiving Break, Monday, November 30th,will be a SJS Spirit Wear Day. Let’s see your school pride!

There is a virtual Scholastic Book Fair happening right now! Pick up will be in the school parking lot this Saturday. More info here :

November 11, 2020

Happy Veterans Day! We are grateful for all our family and friends who have proudly served in the military to protect our country. Thank you to all veterans everywhere for your service and commitment.

Today please work on the writing numbers worksheet, and finish the paper plate activity by drawing or cutting out pictures of some of your favorite foods for Thanksgiving. There is also a Happy Thanksgiving turkey you can color.

Other ways to practice writing letters and/or numbers are salt trays (spread a thin layer of table salt on a colored tray or plate and use a q-tip or finger to trace letters/numbers. Or put a small amount of shaving cream or slightly watered down paint (just enough to create a thin layer)in a sealed zip lock gallon bag. Smooth it out and practice writing. Play-Doh is also great for rolling out and forming letters/numbers as well!

Tomorrow will be our last zoom meeting for the week. I’m looking forward to welcoming back all my Pre-K friends on Monday, November 16th.

November 6, 2020

I posted a couple of activities on Seesaw. The community helper paper, the weaving project and letter Ff paper are assigned for today. Do what you can, but don’t worry if it doesn’t all get finished. Enjoy this beautiful day and weekend!

Happy Birthday to our friend Nolan!

October 30, 2020

We have begun our third Big Day Theme for the school year. It is all about our community…the people, the places, and the things. Our first story was about a child who likes to visit the library, called Lola at the Library. If you have not taken your child to the library recently (or yet!) I encourage you to visit and see what your public library has to offer! Here are our collaborative communities we worked on this week!

Pre-K spent the week prepping for Halloween and doing Halloween related activities. We made some fun black cats, and used dice to practice counting cats too.

Happy 5th birthday to our friend Keegan!

Some new building materials…straws and connectors!

Happy Halloween!

Have a fun and safe weekend! I posted 2 short videos on Seesaw, check them out!

October 23, 2020

Hello Families! It was great having an opportunity to meet with all of you yesterday and today (face to face~mask to mask!) to discuss your child’s progress so far this school year. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions or need clarification on anything.

This week we worked on the math concepts of sorting/classifying and number writing/counting and recognition.

We read the story, Feast For 10. We then did some stamping with apples and potatoes to make our shopping lists… and made a pretend feast on a paper plate with pictures of food!

Our social/emotional theme has been kindness this month. We made some major awards for someone in our life that is kind! Kindness matters!

Our big science idea this week was solid, liquid, and gas. We melted ice cubes, and then did a fun experiment with baking soda and vinegar, The kiddos love this simple activity and could watch it over and over again!

Working our way through the alphabet, we are up to letter E…for egg!

We took a leaf walk around the block to see what different shapes and colors we could fill our bags with. The kiddos had so much fun!

Per Mrs. Scotkovsky’s weekly email to families, arrival time will begin at 7:55 and end at 8:10 am, starting Monday, October 26th.

Enjoy the weekend…see you all Monday!

October 16, 2020

This week’s science focus was growing up healthy. We discussed many of the ways we can help ourselves grow into strong people…from babies to adults. We made a rainbow collage of healthy (mostly!) food we can eat!

As an extension of our book from last week, Too Many Tamales, we identified all the feelings we saw in the story. Happy, sad, worried, surprised, scared. We then picked one of those feelings and drew a person’s expression for how they were feeling.

What does my family do during the day? Take walks, play catch outside, go to the park! What does my family do during the night? Sit outside by the fire pit, watch movies, catch fireflies! We read the story, My Day from A to Z. Then we drew pictures of daytime and nighttime things we do with families.

We continue working on counting and number recognition. Bears are always a great way to practice!

So fun painting pumpkins of the easel this week. We hope you found the perfect place to hang yours up at home!

And we celebrated two friends’ birthdays this week! Happy 5th Birthday to our friends Maddie and Colin Chambers!

Thanks to all for signing up for conferences next week. If you haven’t, please do so soon.
Next Thursday and Friday (October 22nd and 23rd) are half day dismissals for everyone due to conferences. Regular half day students will dismiss at 11 am, full day students will dismiss at 11:20 am.

Have a great weekend!

October 9, 2020

Hello everyone! We continue to celebrate our wonderful families as part of our Big Day Unit 2. The Pre-K kiddos drew their families on the easel this week, and we hung our portraits in the hallway for all to enjoy! They will be coming home in the next week or so. We also loved sharing our family photos with our friends, then hung them proudly to display.

Letter D this week!

This week’s math concept was measuring with unit cubes. The Pre-K kiddos were busy connecting the cubes and finding things around the room that were longer, shorter, or the same length. Some friends worked together to measure the table. We counted together and it took 97 cubes to measure the table across! Wow! Way to go super measurers!

Our literacy focus this week has included reading stories about families. We read, Mama Zooms, about a Mama who is in a wheelchair and zooms her kiddo all around town pretending to be different modes of transportation (train, airplane, even a spaceship!) We also read, Too Many Tamales, a sweet story with the message that it is always best to tell the truth. Ask your pre-ker what happened to Maria in the story and how it was resolved!

Ducks on the pond! Our class experimented with sink and float today. Ducks float, but what will sink? Fun Friday science! And Friday centers including pattern blocks, dinosaurs, and making new words from two other words (compound words!)




October 2, 2020

Hello October! This week the Pre-K began a new unit in our Big Day Curriculum, called My Family. Week 1 is all about who is in my family. We have been discussing all the members who make up our family. The kiddos drew some awesome family portraits that we will turn into a class book. Please take some time at home to talk about your families, and maybe tell some fun stories that include extended family members as well. Also, please remember to send in a 4×6 family photo which includes all the immediate members of your family, if you didn’t do so this week. Thank you!

Our social-emotional focus this month is Kindness. We will focus on acts of kindness we can do for each other in school, and also what we can do for our families and community. We read the story, Herman the Helper, about an octopus with many helping hands who helps lots of different people. Ask your child to recall who Herman helped and how. We talked about ways we can use our helping hands to help others also. Here’s a sampling of our helping hands…

Our math focus this week was shapes. We found shapes around our room, made playdough shapes, used our shape stencils for tracing and coloring, and built some cool things with shaped blocks. We used geoboards to create shapes, and even made shape collage pictures. Check out our work!

We read the story, My Daddy Calls Me Man this week. It is a story about a boy who has nicknames for some of his family members, and how they have nicknames for him too. We talked about the names our families call us…there were some funny and sweet names like Sweetheart, Bear, Stinker and Buddy!

Pre-K worked on letter C this week. We were able to come up with a whole list of words that begin with the c sound! Then we found stickers that began with c and decorated our letter C. Great job friends!

Picture Day is Wednesday, October 7th! Gym shoes should still be worn to school that day, as the photog only does an upper body shot.


Fall Conferences will be on Thursday and Friday, October 22nd and 23rd. Look for a Sign Up Genius email next week.

There will be a small classroom Halloween celebration on Friday, October 30th. Stay tuned for further info.

Enjoy the weekend…see you Monday!

September 24, 2020

Pre-K has finished our first unit for Big Day! We focused on friendship, cooperation, classroom rules, making good choices, and so much more! This week we worked on more than/less than/equal to math concepts. Please continue to practice these beginning skills at home when you can…making dinner, setting the table, cleaning up toys. Lots of every day opportunities to build on these concepts! Check us out rolling dice to practice.

B for butterfly, ball and banana! We worked on letter B this week, learning its sound and finding different ways to practice it. Painting, stamping, dry erase writing!

The weather was great this week…lots of playground time and fun with friends!

We buddied up with a friend and drew pictures of each other this week…here’s a sampling!

Our literacy focus this week included the story of Little Red Hen. After reading the story a couple of times, the kiddos took turns acting out the parts, sequencing the parts of the story in order, and then mixed up our own dough like the little red hen! Sequencing is an important skill for preschool children to begin to develop. It helps them recognize predictable patterns and learn reading comprehension skills.

NO SCHOOL TOMORROW, FRIDAY SEPT. 25th. Have a beautiful 3 day weekend!!