September 18, 2020

This week our Big Idea for Math was measurement…length and height. We talked about shorter/taller and shorter/longer. We cut strips of paper to make one part shorter, one part longer. We also worked on finding things around our classroom that are longer and shorter. We even measured ourselves to see how tall we were!

This week we have begun introducing letters, starting with A. We put sticky tabs on all the letter As we could find in the classroom. We made letters on the light table, used squishy paint bags to practice letter writing, wrote letter Aa on our dry erase boards, and practiced writing our best letters on paper. The Pre-K kiddos also painted, colored and cut out apples! Painting letter Aa on the easel was a fun way to end our week!

Have a great weekend! Next Friday, September 25th, there is no school for students. It is a Teacher/Staff Development Day.

September 11, 2020

Happy Friday Pre-K Families!

This week’s Big Idea was all about Friendship! We read several stories about friends, including My Friends at School and A Splendid Friend Indeed! (Splendid is a big word…who remembers what it means?) We talked about how to be a good friend, we made a class book about what we like to do at school with a friend, and we also worked on creating a friendship chain to decorate our classroom. Here’s a sampling from our book…the originals are coming home today. And our first class pics all together! Can your child name all their new classmates/friends for you?

We also had some visitors to our classroom this week…caterpillars who are now safely cocooning in their chrysalises! Mrs. Enright goofed on ordering this year and got her caterpillars too early! We will watch them closely and are looking forward to them hatching into butterflies soon! And we will hope to do them again in the Spring as well…because, why not! Let’s hope for some warmer weather next week so we can release them.

This week’s math concept was positional words (above, below, inside, outside, next to, behind, in between, etc…) We did activities involving putting our friend Willow the Dog in various places around the room and we took turns describing where Willow was.

And we each got a chance to make our own slime this week. Check out this action!

Happy 5th Birthday to Claire! She celebrated over the weekend with family, and with friends at school on Tuesday.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

September 4, 2020

First full week under our PK belts! This week we worked on patterns and used various manipulatives to create our own. Patterns are an important concept for preschoolers. Understanding patterns is an important math skill for young children. It allows them to make observations and predictions, and sets them up to learn more complex number concepts and operations later on.

Lots of fun with letters this week! We used Play-Doh and rolled balls, squished them flat, then stamped the letters in our names. The kiddos had fun decorating the first letter of their name with stickers too.

And we read the book, The Kissing Hand this week. Chester the raccoon is missing his Mama while he goes to school (at night of course, because he’s a nocturnal animal!) Mama has a special way to show him that her love goes with him wherever he is. Hope you enjoyed the sweet handprints your kiddos made to remember this story! Can your child retell parts of the story for you?

Happy Birthday Weekend to our friends Audrey and Claire. They both turn 5 tomorrow! Happy, happy Birthday girls!I’ll post Claire pics next time!

Wishing you all a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! See you Tuesday!

August 25, 2020

Hello Families! It was great to meet and greet you all this week!

Top preschool clip art free clipart image 5

The Pre-K Team is in agreement…we have a wonderful group of children and parents! Your support and commitment at this time means so much to us. We feel really blessed to have such great families joining our class!

Wednesday, Aug 26th: Pre-K 4 10.00 am – 11.30 am Student Orientation (just students – no parents). We are excited for our student orientation tomorrow! Door #7 will open at 9.45 am. The Pre-K Team will be standing inside the entrance waiting for your child. Your child should enter school wearing their mask and feeling well. If you can please make sure your child goes to the bathroom before leaving for school each day that would be a huge help. We will dismiss the students at 11.30 am tomorrow from door #7.

Thursday, Aug 27th: Pre-K 4 begins (door #7). The door will open at 7.45 am.  The Pre-K Team will be standing inside the entrance waiting for your child. Your child should enter school wearing their mask and feeling well. The half-day program will be dismissed at 11.00 am from door #7. The students attending the full-day program will need a lunch, a separate snack, and a blanket in a separate tote bag for nap time. Gym shoes are ideal every day for both the half-day and the full-day program. Your child’s toes and heels must be covered. The full-day program will be dismissed at 2.50 pm from door #7.

Special Schedule:
Gym/PE– Mondays & Fridays (AM)
Music: Tuesday (AM) & Thursday (PM)
Library/Story Time: Tuesday (AM)
Spanish: Thursday (AM)

This week we will jump right into Pre-K with our first Big Day learning unit, Ready for School, and our first Big Idea, My School: I am getting to know my school. I will update my blog weekly to let you know what we have been working on, and I always try to include photos so you can “see” all the fun we are having!

The Pre-K Team is really excited to get the school year started and to get to know each and every one of your wonderful children. Thank you again for choosing St. Juliana’s Pre-K for your child.

Please click here to view the Pre-K 4 welcome letter.

Clorox Wipes: When the stores begin to stock Clorox wipes again, we would really appreciate it if you could please send in a container or two for the class. This item was accidentally missed off our supply list. Thank you for all you do!

Have a good evening!

August 18, 2020

A Big Welcome to Pre-K 4!

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The Pre-K Team is looking forward to a very big school year with our new Pre-Kindergarten family! We are very excited to meet all our students on the “get-acquainted” mornings listed below. Tomorrow, please keep an eye out for the email from Sign-Up Genius to sign up for a get-acquainted time.

If you have the school supplies ready, we would love you to bring them with you on this morning. The only items you need to label are your child’s folders and bag. There is no need to bring your child’s school bag this morning. Could you also please bring a change of clothes for your child in a ziploc bag, clearly labeled with your child’s name. The older the clothes in this bag the better, as the bag will stay in school all year.

Please click here to view the Pre-K 4 Welcome Letter.

Pre-K 4 Important Dates and Times:

Tues, Aug 18th – Class lists will be posted online.

Wed, Aug 19th – We will send out a Zoom invite via email to the parents in our class. The Zoom Parent Meeting for Pre-K 4 parents will be on Thursday, 20th August, at 6:00 pm. An email will also be sent out this day for parents to sign up for a get acquainted time slot via Sign-Up Genius (please see below).

Thursday, Aug 20th, at 6:00 pm: Pre-K 4 Zoom Parent Meeting  

Monday, Aug 24th, Preschool 3 & Pre-K 4 Get Acquainted Time:  8:15- 11:30 am.  15 minutes to get acquainted and drop off supplies (Sign-Up Genius). Please wait outside door #1, the main office door, until your teacher comes to collect you. If it rains, you can wait inside door #1. Please only one adult per student, and no siblings. Please bring school supplies at this time. There is no need to label the school supplies. Please also bring a change of clothes in a ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Tuesday, Aug 25th, Preschool 3 & Pre-K 4 Get Acquainted Time:  8.15- 11:30 am  15 minutes to get acquainted and drop off supplies (Sign-Up Genius).  Please wait outside door #1, the main office door, until your teacher comes to collect you. If it rains, you can wait inside door #1. Please only one adult per student, and no siblings. Please bring school supplies at this time.  There is no need to label the school supplies. Please also bring a change of clothes in a ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Wednesday, Aug 26th : Pre-K 4 10:00-11:30 am student orientation (just students – no parents). Please arrive at door #7 and please pick up from door #7.

Thursday, Aug 27th: Pre-K 4 begins (door #7). The doors will open at 7.45 am.

Thank you all so much for choosing St. Juliana’s Pre-Kindergarten. We are really looking forward to meeting everyone soon! Enjoy the day!

June 3, 2020

Today will be my last official post on the blog for this school year. Tomorrow, Thursday, June 4th, will be our last Zoom meeting together, as we finish an amazing year of Preschool! As usual, I’ll send an email reminder later today. I hope everyone can make it to our last Zoom.

Here are Mrs. Marshall’s instructions for this Friday’s pick up. I hope to be able to see you all in person for a few minutes that day!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am so very grateful for this class. They are kind-hearted, funny, inquisitive little people. It was my pleasure and honor to call them my kiddos this year! Thank you for entrusting me with your most precious gift. Your support and trust have meant so much to me. Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and somewhat normal summer! I hope we can get together at some point in the near future, to say our proper goodbyes.

Today we wish a Happy Birthday to our friend Caden, who turns 4! And we say Happy Birthday to our summer kiddos, who will celebrate their 4th birthdays over the next two months. Happy 4th Birthday to our friend Grace on June 29th! Happy Birthday to our friend Maya who will turn 4 on July 18th! And Happy Birthday (times 2!) to our friends Mason and Victoria N., who will both celebrate their 4th (and golden) birthdays on August 4th!

Here’s a cute last day of preschool questionnaire you can print and help your kiddo complete. Tuck it away and bring it out for 8th grade graduation!

And a cute little hat to make for photo ops!

One last song to kick start summer. I think I’ve posted this before, but it’s one of my favorite preschool songs, especially for the end of year. And what a year it was!!

June 1, 2020

Hello Preschool Families. I hope you are all well. I have been keeping our first responder families in my prayers this weekend. Thank you for your continued and faithful service in the face of uncertainty.

We have made it to our last week of e-learning. I know it hasn’t been easy for any of you, but you have really done a tremendous job!

Here’s a funny story today about how the alphabet gets mixed up one day!

As a follow up activity for this book, you could put each letter on a post it and allow your child to “mix them up” on a wall. Encourage your child to sing the alphabet song the way they have them laid out…it will sound very strange and funny! Then put them back in the right order.

Since we did not get to do an end of year self portrait in school, here is a printable template you could use to have your kiddo complete one at home. Or just have them draw themselves on a piece of paper. The one they drew from the beginning of the year will be in their take home bag that you’ll pick up this Friday. Always a fun comparison!

May 29, 2020

Happy Friday! We will Zoom at 10 this morning. See you soon!

This looks super fun to do today! And it’s going to be a nice day…so you can do it outside!

  • Cut small pieces of paper towel so they can be folded over.
  • Using a permanent marker, write whatever you want to be discovered on the bottom part (a name, letters, numbers…)
  • Fold over the top part so whatever you wrote is not visible
  • Have your kiddo spray it with water or use an eyedropper to reveal what’s hidden when it gets wet
  • My photos aren’t the best. Hopefully you get the idea! ( I spelled preschool!)

Try out an Alphabet Order game on ABCya.

Hope you get some time outside today! See if you see any numbers or letters around your neighborhood! Enjoy the day and the weekend ahead!

March 28, 2020

Good Morning! As a reminder, there is no scheduled Zoom today. We will have one tomorrow morning (Friday 5/29) at 10 AM. I’ll send a reminder email later today.

Here’s a book about numbers you can read today on the Epic site. Afterwards, try making a number book of your own, following the format of the one you read. Give your child several pieces of paper and some supplies (stickers, an old magazine/ad for cutting out pictures, stamps, or any other small craft supplies you may have on hand. Write a a simple sentence on each page and let them practice writing the number. Put it all together when it’s finished and let them share it with the rest of the family.

This one’s a bit long…but it’s gonna rain most of the day today, and it’s educational. No guilt zone :))

Squishy, sensory bags are relatively easy to make. Try it out, using a gallon ziplock bag and the recipe here. I’ve also made these at school using a small amount of paint, or shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring. Fun for practicing writing letters, numbers, shapes or whatever!

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday. See you tomorrow!