April 3rd

E-Learning seems to be going well this week! Thank you for all of your help at home to make this a success!

I will have a Zoom Conference on Monday, April 6th at 9:30. At this time, I will explain the assignments for the week and ask the students if they have any questions. The meeting number will be on Google Classroom under English class.

March 27th

Well, that was a fun Zoom session! Thank you to all that joined it!

We will have another one on Monday at 9:30 – please look on Google Classroom (English/Religion) for the link.

On Monday, you may show off you pet but I will “mute” everyone to let one person talk at a time. That way we can hear everyone! I will also give a quick review of the assignments coming up for the week.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!!!

March 23rd

Good Morning Room 25!!! Welcome back to E-Learning Week 2!

Everyone is doing a great job so far!! Please continue going to Google Classroom to get your daily assignments.  Moving forward it’s easiest to submit your work via Google Classroom. Again if you are having trouble doing this please ask your teacher or ask a friend to help guide you through the process.  There were also 2 tutorial videos posted on the Social Studies google classroom page. 

**Reminder if there is a check mark next to an assignment on google classroom it means your teacher returned the assignment for some reason (example: nothing was attached).  Usually there will be a note/comment to let you know. You will need to go back into Google Classroom to fix the issue OR you can email the assignment to your teacher.  

Also, we are asking if you can, please make Easter cards for the shut-ins this week. Saint Vincent DePaul will be delivering cards to 85  nursing home residents on April 4th for Easter.

If you can make one or two cards, please drop them off at Grace Byrne’s house at 7036 N. Oleander.  They will have a box on their front porch (no need to ring the bell). You can drop off the cards any day this week.  The Byrne Family will be giving them to St. Vincent DePaul and they will distribute them to the shut-ins. The shut-ins always enjoy the cards so if you can make a couple, that would be great. Thank you.

This week’s themes: 

Monday: Dress like a teacher!

Tuesday: Beach Day – we all need a little sunshine!

Wednesday: Pajama Day!

Thursday: Movie/TV Character Day – we know you’ve been spending plenty of time in front of the TV lately!

Friday: Spirit Wear Day – show your Trojan Pride!

Coming soon: we will do a video check in via ZOOM on Wednesday!!!

I will give more information tomorrow!!!