E-Learning 04/08

It was good to see you all at yesterday’s meeting and thank you Mrs. K for joining us! Sorry we got cut off again; I’m working on getting that fixed. If we ever get cut off mid-activity, please just re-join using the same link/password. We finished reading One by One by Blythe Lynden with our friends that returned and danced to some new songs. I will be making a video for the book to share so if you missed it, you can still read along with me. Look for it on our Reading padlet! Also, don’t forget to check our Prayer padlet – I’ve added a new prayer book!

Before we get to today’s agenda… I just wanted to share something I found – another way to decorate eggs! I’ve yet to try it, but this would be a good activity for our friends who are sensory learners. Children can shake things up while keeping the mess contained. Also, no vinegar involved so that’s a bonus for anyone sensitive to/dislikes the sour smell. After decorating eggs, the colorful rice would make a good filler in your own sensory table OR I imagine you could technically still eat the rice. Lastly, when you’re done eating the eggs, you save the colored shells! You can crush them to use as “glitter.” Isn’t that cool?? Please share if you give this a try!

What shall we do today?

  • Question of the Day: Fold a paper in half and draw your answers – #1 on the left, #2 on the right. (1) What do you miss about going to our school? (2) What are you grateful/thankful for about home school? (Share your drawings on padlet if you can!) I hope this can be used as an opportunity to reflect and “count our blessings” despite circumstances. Also, please practice using full sentences such as “I miss _ because _.” and “I am grateful/thankful for _ because _.” By the way, I am grateful for all our students and families in Room 5! 😊
  • Religion: (1) Listen to this week’s Stories of God’s Love #29 We Celebrate Easter and discuss questions. (2) The Bad Easter Bunny – Isabel AthertonReview gratitude and discuss why the Easter bunny made those poor choices – How was he feeling? What did the people do?
  • Music & Movement (M&M / GoNoodle): Letter V Song + Pick 3 GoNoodle songs
  • Skills Practice: Find 10 different objects. How many ways can you sort them? (i.e. colors, size, shape, what it does, etc.)
  • Story Time: (1) Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors – Lisa McCue (Read by Mrs. Fertig on padlet!) (2) Hatch, Little Egg – Édouard Manceau (3) God Gave Us Easter – Lisa Tawn Bergren (via YouTube) – I may post a video for this as soon as I find the book! hehe 😊
  • Project/Experiment: (1) Investigate! Does an egg sink or float? (It sinks.) Now what can you add to water to make it float? (Add salt.) What happens when you add a little/a lot of salt? This experiment needs water, 2 glasses, 2 raw eggs, salt. Follow along here.
  • Game/Play: (1) Go on a signs of Spring hunt – Have things changed since your last hunt? (i.e. Did any buds turn into flowers? More grass turn green? Leaves returning to trees?) (2) Play pin the tail on the bunny – this can be made on a small or large scale depending on the materials you have available – We’ve played Pin the Tail on the Black Cat for Halloween so we have some experience with this game — eyes closed!

Until next time…
Mrs. Fertig

E-Learning 04/07

Happy Tuesday! This shifting weather makes it challenging to plan outdoor activities, but as always, I hope you get to enjoy the fresh air. Get out there and hunt for puddles! 😊

Preparing for today’s meeting – Please review hand-raising (and turn-waiting!) – the visual cue helps me know who to call on, especially when mics are all on at once. Also, I know most of our students have their headphones back at school, but if you happen to have a pair at home, it might help cut back on the extra noise during our meetings. I wear mine and it helps me, but everyone’s different! Just a suggestion! 😊

What shall we do?

fork flower painting
  • Class Meeting @ 11:00am
    • Greetings
    • Prayer
    • Calendar
    • Weather
    • Music/Movement
    • Story Time
    • Review Letters A/M/N
    • Intro Letter Vv
  • Question of the Day: (1) Do you like rabbits or ducks better? Why? (2) Do you like to eat eggs? How do you like your eggs cooked? (Submit answers on padlet!)
  • Religion: (1) God is Watching Over You – P.J. Lyons (Read by Mrs. Fertig on padlet!) (2) The Thank You Letter – Jane CabreraDiscuss gratitude and how [else] we can show God and others we’re thankful. Make thank you cards.
  • Music & Movement (M&M / GoNoodle): Alphabet Song + Pick 3 more (non-GoNoodle) songs
  • Skills Practice: (1) Letters Vv/Nn recognition and writing practice (2) Arrange your favorite toys from smallest to largest
  • Story Time: (1) Una a Una/One by One – Blythe Lynden (We’ll read during our meeting!now on padlet!) (2) Eggs 123 – Janet Halfmann (3) Easter Bunny Count with Me – Xist Publishing
  • Project/Experiment: (1) Collect natural materials (i.e. fallen twigs, leaves, rocks, etc.) and make a cross (2) Use a fork to paint flowers (see right) – What else can you paint with a fork? Animals? Nest? People?
  • Game/Play: (1) SJS Easter Egg hunt (2) Egg race — instead of using the traditional spoon and egg, use a TP roll and plastic egg. You can fill the egg with an exercise (i.e. 5 jumps) and if it falls, you have to do the exercise. OR If it’s as hot as the forecast says, maybe a water balloon “egg” toss?

Until next time…
Mrs. Fertig